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We help B2B SaaS & Tech companies meet their marketing sourced pipeline, opportunity, and revenue goals with our proven demand gen framework.

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Marketing's Pipeline Challenge

Marketing leaders like you are being asked to meet marketing sourced opportunity and pipeline goals while doing more with less, but the lead gen motion doesn't scale like it used to.

It produces top of funnel results that don’t scale efficiently enough to reach your opps, pipeline, and revenue growth goals (we've seen the spreadsheet model projections VS what *actually* happens inside the CRM).

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Our Solution to Generating Marketing Sourced Pipeline

We help B2B SaaS & Tech companies use paid media to create new demand and capture existing market demand by utilizing a holistic mix of creating demand on paid social, capturing it on paid search, running lead gen experiments, and providing recommendations for content strategy on organic social.

We look to you to be the expert in your business, product, and customers.  You can count on us to connect you with those customers through tight targeting on digital, and we'll work together to distribute the right message at the right time to them.


While we can't share the names of all of these companies we've worked with, here are the anonymized real-world results they've seen:

Seed Stage B2B SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS

Funding: Seed Stage Company

Primary Conversion Point: Website

Target Audience: Cannabis Dispensaries

Tech Category: Full Platform with SMS Texting, Inventory, Staff Training

ACV: 12k ARR

Monthly Spend Managed: 10k


Key Results

51.85% QoQ Opp Increase 

119.64% QoQ Pipeline Increase 

44.54% QoQ ACV Increase

Paid Search Funnel

150% HoH Paid Search Opp Increase 

343.75% HoH Paid Search Pipeline Increase

Series A B2B SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS

Funding: Series A

Primary Conversion Point: Website

Target Audience: Contact Center Leaders

Tech Category: Contact Center Software

ACV: 30k ARR

Monthly Spend Managed: 50k


Key Results

46.70% QoQ Demo → Opp Rate

36.84% QoQ Opp Increase

162.83% QoQ ACV Increase

Paid Search Funnel

20.91% Increase Paid Search Pipeline on 34.05% less spend

Series B B2B SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS

Funding: Series B

Primary Conversion Point: Website

Target Audience: Contact Center Leaders

Tech Category: Contact Center Software

ACV: 40k

Monthly Spend Managed: 65k


Key Results

Scaled paid social and paid search ad spend by 300% in Q3 2021 by implementing a proven B2B demand generation playbook 

Exceeded target marketing-generated Sales Qualified Opportunity volume by 12%, resulting in $2.7M total qualified pipeline creation in Q3 2021.

Accelerated marketing-generated deal velocity by 15% and increased the marketing-generated average ARR per deal by 44% resulting in 110% QoQ pipeline growth.

Series A B2B SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS

Funding: Series A

Primary Conversion Point: Website

Target Audience: Nonprofits

Tech Category: Nonprofit Fundraising Software

ACV: 3.5k + Transaction Fee

Monthly Spend Managed: 35k


Key Results

Reduced inbound demo volume by 8% while increasing marketing-generated pipeline by 93% QoQ resulting in a 67% increase in closed won deals while keeping quarterly ad spend at parity.

Supported a split GTM motion (sales-led and product-led growth)

Series B B2B SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS

Funding: Series B

Primary Conversion Point: Website

Target Audience: B2B Marketers

Tech Category: ABM and Marketing Automation

ACV: 50k

Monthly Spend Managed: 40k


Key Results

Scaled paid ad spend by 700% over three quarters by helping team consistently meet or exceeding quarterly inbound demo and opportunity volume targets, resulting in a 100% increase in marketing-generated ARR.

Series C B2B SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS

Funding: Series C

Primary Conversion Point: Website & Field Sales

Target Audience: SMB Restaurants

Tech Category: Online Ordering and QR Code Order & Pay

ACV: Wide range, 7K+ ARR

Monthly Spend Managed: 40k


Key Results

Increased website-generated leads by 120% and inbound demo requests by 166% in the first five months of the U.K. pilot program resulting in a 148% increase in qualified inbound meetings booked. 

Series D B2B Marketplace & SaaS

Type: B2B Marketplace & SaaS

Funding: Series D

Primary Conversion Point: Website & Sales Team

Target Audience: Logistics

Tech Category: Digital Freight Brokerage

ACV: Wide range, 2k - 2MM - average is 53k

Monthly Spend Managed: 50k


Key Results

  • 275% QoQ MQL volume increase
  • 225% QoQ Opp volume increase
  • 129% QoQ Pipeline increase
  • 9.32% QoQ Revenue increase
Seed Stage B2B Tech & SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS & Tech

Funding: Seed

Primary Conversion Point: Sales Team

Target Audience: College Athletic Programs

Tech Category: Wearable Device App

Monthly Spend Managed: 3.5k


Key Results

Increased awareness across paid social for key markets to support sales-led motion.

Helped ideate and stand up a new GTM motion from marketing website for a free pilot experience.

Seed Stage B2B Tech & SaaS

Type: B2B SaaS & Tech

Funding: Privately Held

Primary Conversion Point: Website & Sales Team

Target Audience: Corrections & Security

Tech Category: Corrections Technology

Monthly Spend Managed: 3k


Key Results

  • Website sourced pipeline generated: $1.25 MM
  • Website sourced revenue generated: $210k
  • 7.33% Lead to Closed Won
  • 37% Lead to Opportunity Ratio
  • 40.3 Days Sales Cycle

Every organization requires a unique approach, but here's our 9-step framework for how we drive efficient growth with paid media.

STEP 1: Audit Platforms and your CRM to Understand What’s Working and What to Adjust [Month 1]

When you know what's working and what's not, you can see how much budget you've freed up OR where you can double down on what's already working. This leads to the quickest wins.
In this step, we'll keep pipeline producing paid search keywords/campaigns and pipeline producing paid social campaigns/assets.  We'll want to make sure they're ROI positive and the efficiency makes sense, but we want to keep what's working "on".
We'll also run through a technical platform audit, and align your platform setups to best practices:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

STEP 2: Optimize Paid Search and Paid Social [Month 1]

In this step, we'll shut off what’s not working and double down on what is (producing pipeline):

  • Keep on paid social campaigns that are producing pipeline (lead gen focus)
  • Maximize impression share for pipeline producing paid search campaigns
    • IS loss to budget (add more $$$)
    • IS loss to rank (bidding + ad copy + LP)

STEP 3: Launch New Google Search Campaigns [Month 1]

Based off of historical information, conversations with you, and some competitor analysis, we'll come up with a list of Google Search Campaigns that we'll prioritize together to start with as new experiments.

The goal is to get these launched within the first 4 weeks of the engagement to try to capture existing demand out in the market.

STEP 4: Launch Paid Social Retargeting Ads [Month 1]

For our retargeting efforts, we aim to get in front of prospects that are already aware of your brand because they've visited your website, company page on LinkedIn, or interacted with an ad.

The goal is high-frequency (15-20+) touches with retargeting across multiple platforms each month.

We'll create new static creative that positions your brand as an authority through social proof, case studies, and testimonials.

The 3 channels we'll use for retargeting are LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, and YouTube.

STEP 5: Get Reporting in Place with 3 Dashboards [Month 2]

After we've doubled down on what's already working, stood up net new campaigns with Google Search, and made efforts to convert as much provider-aware traffic as possible, we'll start to get into reporting.

For this, we'll look to setup 3 different views of your marketing funnel:
  • Overall Marketing Funnel
  • Create Demand - Self-Reported Attribution
  • Capture Demand - Paid Search & Paid Social Lead Gen

If you're not already asking "How did you hear about us?", we'll recommend you implement that across lead forms to understand where to allocate future spends to test new experiments.

STEP 6: Launch Demand Gen Ads to Cold Audiences on Paid Social [Month 2]

Now that we have the foundation in place, we'll start to generate demand for the next wave of buyers through educational, demand gen content.

The mix here is primarily through product ads, vertical specific ads, and case studies. We'll also occasionally layer in your top performing organic content, but we recommend a separate stream of organic content in your prospects' social feeds.

STEP 7: Get Into Monthly Sprints, 90 Day Planning Roadmap [Month 3]

After the first two months of setting a solid foundation, we'll get into monthly sprint cycles.

Every 30 days we'll look to launch new paid social campaigns, test new keywords or campaigns on paid search, and begin to run some lead gen tests on paid social to determine the efficacy of them for your unique business and market.

On top of the new launches, we'll also make optimizations on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

For reporting, we will meet monthly to discuss the prior months performance and talk through both strategic and tactical shifts based off what the data shows.

In non-reporting meetings, we'll meet every other week to go through a mid-month performance update and do some additional content planning, audience scrubbing, and more.

We'll also try to plan out content on a 90 day horizon so everybody is on the same page and has plenty of lead time for any net new assets that need to be created.

  • Launches
    • Paid Social
      • Up to 3 Campaigns
    • Paid Search
      • Up to 1 Net New Campaign
    • Optimizations
      • Weekly
        • Budget Pacing
        • Negative Keyword Scrub
      • Monthly
        • Audience/Demographics Bid Adjustments (Search)
        • Demographics Report - Job Titles (LinkedIn)
      • Quarterly
        • Bleeding keywords (ones that did not produce opps and pipeline)
        • Refresh retargeting content
  • Reporting
    • Monthly Performance Reviews
    • QBRs (QoQ performance)
  • Meeting Cadence
    • Bi-weekly meetings (45 minutes)
      • Async recap in Slack on Wednesdays of non-meeting weeks
      • Performance callouts
      • Project updates

STEP 8: Paid Social Lead Gen Experiments [Month 3+]

Starting in month 3, we'll begin to test out various lead gen campaigns. The goal with our demand gen and paid media efforts is to drive as many qualified leads to the website as we can because they convert at the highest clip and are the most scalable, but we'll want to experiment with some direct response lead gen campaigns to establish benchmarks for your organization and unique market.

The four main direct response levers we'll look to test out on paid social will be:

  • Request a Demo
  • Content Downloads
  • Webinar Leads
  • Incentivized Demo Requests

STEP 9: Organic Demand Gen Recommendations [Month 3+]

In addition to all of the paid efforts we'll execute for you, we'll also advise on organic demand gen recommendations that will help to decrease the cost of sales qualified meetings over time.

We'll walk through some of our strategies, best practices, and frameworks for how we think about the following strategies:
  • Ghostwriting for executives (LinkedIn/Twitter)
    CEO to start, SLT, SME
  • Podcast tour for executives (CEO or SME)
  • Monthly value-add, category/industry event
  • Value-add, category/industry-focused podcast
  • Value-add, category/industry-focused micro-content on social (LinkedIn)
  • SEO Sprints around top non-branded paid search keywords

Find the plan that works for you.  Upfront pricing. No surprises.


Up to 30k/month in Ad Spend

For b2b companies looking to launch their paid media program. Current capacity: 10/10*

*Booking clients for October and November 2023

  • Full Audit, Analysis, and Action Plan
  • Paid Media Management: LinkedIn, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram
  • Checkmark 45 Minute Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • Static Creative included (Sr. Copywriter and Sr. Graphic Designer resources)
  • Checkmark Branded Ad Templates in Figma
  • Checkmark Support for CRM Dashboard Creation
  • Checkmark Shared Basecamp Project
  • Checkmark Platform Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Checkmark Monthly and Quarterly Experiment Roadmap
  • Checkmark Monthly and Quarterly Performance Reviews
  • Checkmark Monthly Sprints

Hi, I'm Blake 👋 the founder of Bull Media.  

I worked in-house at one of the most fast-growing agencies in b2b SaaS, Refine Labs, for a year before leaving to return back in-house to help build out a revenue marketing function at a Series D, pre-IPO start-up.

Between working for Refine Labs, working in-house before and after that, and doing consulting in my spare time, I've worked with over a dozen B2B SaaS and Tech start-ups over the past 18+ months and have seen what works and what doesn't work across a variety of industries with paid media and demand generation.

While that doesn't mean I have all the answers or have any silver bullets, I do have a framework that I've adapted and developed over these experience that I have a high-level of confidence in. 

Now I'm working with 8-10 b2b companies at a time to help them build their paid media programs.

If you want to understand more about how I view demand gen and paid media strategy + execution in B2B, check out any of the podcast episodes below that I've appeared in or connect with me on LinkedIn!











Start driving efficient growth with your paid media.
*Currently full on capacity until October 2023*